How to wash hiking boots?


Before moving toward the tour topic of concern (How to wash hiking boots or shoes? or How to clean hiking boots?), I want to share some tips that will be helpful for shoes long live.

Wash or clean the dirt from your shoes on a regular basis because doing a little bit of work regularly is far better than doing work at once which can be tiring.

Always use a waterproofing agent or spray before and after a hike to save from water. After washing prefers drying naturally under the sun rather than by artificial heating or a dryer machine.

Now the complete method is given below that will guide you on (How to wash hiking boots?).


Collect the Cleaning Stuff Before You Start

A Nylon Brush or reliable cleaning brush that doesn’t destroy the stuff of shoes, Liquid Detergents (Don’t try to use soap ever), A laundry mesh bag if you are using a washing machine, A good quality piece of cloth that doesn’t spoil the shoe material.

Remove Laces

Before cleaning just remove the laces and inner sole of your shoe, so, the work can be done easily. Laces and inner soles could wash separately.

Clean Debris

Remove all the debris, dirt, or dry mud with a nylon brush or a toothbrush gently before dipping them into water or the washing machine.



Use liquid detergents (Never use Soap) in both conditions by hand or in the washing machine for washing.

Now the question is (How to wash hiking boots in the washing machine?).

Answer: If you are going to wash in the machine then must put your shoes in a laundry mesh bag before putting them into the machine.

Note: If you don’t know then let me tell you the mesh laundry bags work by providing a protective layer between the items contained within it and other items in the washer.

Add a fair amount of detergent in the machine also which will remove the dirt or smell from your shoes.

If you are choosing the second way then take mild warm water and a mild dish of liquid detergent to dip shoes in it. After that use nylon or toothbrush scrub gently and that will be enough to remove excessive dirt and mud from shoes.


Don’t make the things to boots dry quickly by heating them or using a drying machine. That will soak up all material moisturizers and make them even harder from the outside rather you should dry them naturally but you can use old newspapers for cleaning moisture from inside the boots.


Waterproofing Your Hiking Boots

  1. Use Waterproofing Spray

If you want to make your boots more water receptive then must use waterproofing spray after drying each hidden pore of the boots. Repeat this process after each wash for making your boots more resistant.

  1. Conditioning

After waterproofing the boots apply a fair amount of condition on your boots to retain moisture but always remember don’t use too much conditioning product.

  • Polish

Apply polish on boots for shine and longer health of boots.


Why do you have to wash or clean your boots?

Some fair reasons are given below:

  • Save Your Boots

Because we are well known you loved your boots and just as other things demolish with the time without a car. Your boots also can demolish so cleaning or washing them is the best way to increase your boots’ health.

  • Save Your Money

Every person in the world works hard to get enough money that he can spend and live peacefully. With just a little bit of care in your boots, you can save money and you don’t have to buy a new pair on each trip.

  • Save Your Home From Dirt

Whenever you came back home after a hike in a muddy area. Debris and Mud also came with boots. If you store them without cleaning then after dry dirt going to spread in your house and I am sure, it tougher to clean your home than clean a pair of boots.

  • Save Feet From Infection Because Debris

If you, again and again, wear dirty boots then it can cause serious skin or health issues.

  • Save Natural Resources

If you know there is a big population that is living on earth and they just using natural resources too rapidly, so, one day the resources going to finish. I know you are thinking, what I do then, you can contribute to saving natural resources by just cleaning your boots. Then you don’t have to buy a new pair on each trip or hike. Small particular collectively formed a mountain and single drops of water collectively formed the sea. If in the same way each person contributes then we can save a lot of resources on earth. A small motivation is always a base of world change.



Cleaning is the best living habit that we can adopt and it has a lot of benefits.

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