How to Use a Hiking Stick?

Hiking is a popular hobby in North America, and like other important things such as water, hiking bags, hiking shoes, and hiking clothes, the hiking stick is an essential part of it. But the problem is everybody does not know “How to use a hiking stick?”

So, the reason for writing this particular article and sharing helpful information on How to use the hiking stick in hiking is for those who want to know about hiking sticks or poles.

Before moving toward the topic, let me know first if you already have the helping stick or not. If the answer is no, you can get it in two ways. The one way is you purchase from any outdoor equipment store, whereas the second is to make it yourself.

A question may get raised in your mind.


Why are hiking sticks essential while hiking?


The first benefit is that it provides stability and steadiness while hiking so that you can walk more efficiently.


Lift Your Weight

While on the hike, it’s used to shift your weight from your legs to stick. So, you get less tired and travel more. It would help if you used a hiking stick for extended adventures.


Ascending and Descending

Most hiking areas are situated in hilly areas. Therefore, People have to ascend uphill. In that case, a hiking stick is beneficial in ascending. Descending from hills is dangerous work; in this regard, the hiking stick can be a reliable helping hand. 


Trekking Experience 

Walking sticks could play a vital role in enhancing advanced trekking experiences or professional hiking.



Sticks help balance your weight, especially when you cross the stream and difficult patches of the trek.


How to Use a Hiking Stick?

The use of hiking sticks could vary from person to person because some would like to use them every minute of the hike. While remaining people maybe utilize them during particular or dangerous sections.

Walking Uphill

Use small hiking sticks to ascend to push up your body smoothly and travel more. Large ones are less worthful than small sticks while walk-up the way to hills.

Walking Downhill

By words, you can imagine descending is a reverse process of ascending. So you will need a large hiking stick to descend from hills.

Because in that case, you will be on a higher spot than your stitch, and a long height stick can save you from bending while hiking.

One with adjustable height could be more worthy, or you must carry two different lengths. 


If your poles have a strap, Grip the rod through the belt. It will help to release the grip on it without falling on the ground. So, you can reduce hand fatigue and also can avoid sweating.


The grip is not necessary for holding a hiking stick; your natural palm grip can do that comfortably. Always have it loosely so your hand and wrist get less tired.

Arms While Walking

Your elbows should not be away from your body. Instead, it should be close to your body, and only a slight bend is needed for the walk.


Use a walking stick to push aside small grown plants on the trek. This technique will help. 

You walk with more speed.

Path clearing

Use it forward than your legs to avoid misfortune or danger, such as snakes, spiders, insects, traps, or hidden holes on a trek.


Sometimes your tent supporting pole got break or is unable to give support. In that case, your hiking stick can be used as a supporting pole. Hikers sometimes use these to build their or shelter while camping.


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