How to Clean a Hiking Backpack? Expert Guide

One of the significant investments hikers make is purchasing a hiking pack. Because usually, a good daypack comes in between $60 to $150, while a standard bag comes in $80 to $400.

But with time, it gets dirty due to dirt, rainwater, and even hikers’ sweat. These are a few reasons for getting dirty on the backpack exterior, but the interior reasons are separate.

Always keep in mind that cleaners of products increase their life. Thatswhy tries to save it from dirt before any needs of cleaning. I’m quoting an old saying, “Care is better than treatment”.

We can imagine the state of those things stored in the pack from the extreme condition. Cleaning a backpack is a technical job because you can’t just throw and wash it in a washing machine.

The best way to know which material could be submerged in water is to read the care labels given on the pack.

If the precautions are unclear, dip a short part of the bag to know whether the backpack is washable.

But if there mentioned that don’t wash, you have to clean with a wet piece of cloth.

Read the following instructions to do the process inaccurate manner.



Regular Maintenance Tips For Hiking Backpacks


Don’t worry; we will teach you “how to clean a hiking Backpack?”. Before that, I think it’s more important to follow this instruction to maintain the bag.


Interior Maintenance

While hiking, it is easy to maintain or clean the interior when using a backpack regularly.

It is because you are daily putting and removing stuff from it. It allows you to check in daily, so if there is any dust or residue, remove it before it damages your pack.

You can use wet tissue or clothe for this kind of work.


Exterior maintenance

The outside or exterior is such a part that needs more maintenance and deep cleaning because that part of the pack faces a lot of dirt, hikers’ body sweat, and other pollution.


Giving Your Pack A Complete and Thorough Clean If necessary

In case of case, you haven’t cleaned your bag for a long time. Then, unfortunately, you have put some extra effort to clean up your hiking backpack. For this purpose, we have described some better ways of cleaning below.


How to Wash a Backpack in the Washing Machine?


Note: Must read the instruction on the tag given on the pack because all bags are not made for machine wash.


  1. First of all, remove the stuff stored in the pack. Carefully check the side pocket to ensure the bag is empty.
  2. Remove if there is a metal frame. Thus bag could be saved from rust due to water.
  3. Size of the pack matters; thus, check it before putting it into the machine. Otherwise, it could be destroyed if it does not fit there.
  4. If you don’t want to damage your backpack or machine because of straps sticking. Then it would help if you packed it into the laundry bag.
  5. At least once, clean up from inside the machine with water to remove any residue.
  6. Make sure to consume cold water rather than hot.
  7. Use a natural way to dry it after washing. For this hang your bag there sunlight comes more.


How to Handwash a Backpack


In case of case, if you want extra protection, you might like hand wash.

1: Remove the stuff that is stored in the pack. Although the first two steps are pretty similar to machine wash, you have to copy that.

2: Now, get a tub or any big utensil and fill it with warm water also a gentle amount of detergent. Because warm water makes the hand washing process more straightforward, avoid any inconvenience before reading the precautions about your pack.

3: Now dip your pack in detergent-mixed water and gently scrub the bag with a towel or a toothbrush.

4: After scrubbing, drain out all the dirty water and rinse the clean and cool water.

5: Remember don’t use any dryer for drying because we avoided washing machines to save our thing from damage at the start. By using a dryer, we would demolish our cause with our own hands.



When does a deep clean necessary?

You are reading this article because you are one of those facing issues while washing. This type of cleaning is needed when months or years are spent using cleaning maintenance. Am I right?

Does it necessary to put the pack in the dryer?

It doesn’t seem necessary, and sometimes it can damage your pack if you haven’t read your precautions. Therefore experts say air-drying is your friend, and machine drying is the enemy.

How often should you wash a backpack in a year?

If it is maintained sound, then twice is enough, but the number can exceed if needed.



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